Joining brands, digital media agencies and social media influencers

analytics and collaboration


1. Network and collaborate

Our platform enables you to get instant access to most talented social and digital media agencies and social media influencers around the world. Whether you have limited understanding on social media KPIs or would like to get a second opinion on your marketing campaign statistics, you can instantly launch a chat or a voip session with people that have the most relevant information and/or domain expertise.

Use the service to set targets for your projects whether you are building brand awareness or driving consumers to your online store. Establish an effective collaborative network that supports you in your objectives when you want it, while paying only for added value. analytics provides transparency and measurability into the collaboration.

Partner network


2. Tap into social media data stream.

In few minutes you are able to tap into various social media channels that are relevant to you. Whether you are a one-brand company or have multiple brands, our service enables you to tap into your social media data stream. No-more you need to use specific reporting services per social media service. Just sign-in and the service will automatically deliver you the metrics you need.

The service will also store the data. Therefore you can use historical data to reveal patterns and carryout comparison analytics.

3. Get instant visibility.

Understand how your social media content performs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube. You are able to get instant insights on how your content reaches your target audience and what kind of engagement it produces. Whether you are driving traffic to your company web pages, promotional campaigns or e-commerce, our service enables more engaging social media content creation. Our service integrates also into your Google Analytics account.

Share the analytic views company wide and begin your transformation towards more digital driven business.



4. Learn and engage customers.

Whether you are a one-brand company or manage multiple brands, our service provides you valuable insights that cut time off from your learning curve. Understand how different type of content performs on various social media channels and learn to produce content that engages your customers more effectively.

Enrich your social media data with other relevant data like marketing, customer or sales data. Our service platform includes a novel way to combine social media data with enterprise data.

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